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Jack Grealish: “All I can do now is score and get assists.”

A great game for our expensive king.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

Jack Grealish provided a really good game scoring in under a minute! He really played well after such criticism was sent his way. Which is why it was refreshing when he took accountability and promised to be better.

Let’s dive in on his comments...

On accountability

“Rightly so [I’ve been getting criticised]. I should be scoring more and getting more assists. All I can do now is score and get assists. I will always have people talking about me because of the amount I got bought for...”

“But if you look throughout my career, I haven’t scored loads. It’s something I want to add to my game and hopefully with this team and in front of these fans I can...”

“It’s nice [to get Pep Guardiola’s praise]. He’s been great with me, I should thank him because he gave me the chance to play today after my performance on Wednesday, which wasn’t the best...”

On the goal

“I didn’t actually realise it was only 55 seconds [when I scored] until someone just told me. I thought it was about five minutes! It must be the quickest I’ve ever scored. My dad says it to me every single day, ‘Try and get in, Jack, for the little tap ins’...”

“So my dad will be buzzing I got a little goal like that. For me, it’s nice to get off the mark for the season. But to get three points here is great because this team [Wolves] is underrated.”

“They [Wolves fans] love me don’t they...”

Good game, quotes and we move!