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Manchester City Beat Wolves 3-0: Reaction & Tweets

What a good win!

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Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

Manchester City earned a great win vs Wolves as the team really performed well since the opening minute. With goals from Jack Grealish, Phil Foden and Erling Haaland the team secured a great away win.

Let’s get right in to the reaction and tweets:

Pep Guardiola Reaction

On defenders

“More than exceptional – he is so, so clever – whether the play is short or long - when he goes, he goes, but not too much to give away a penalty or cause falls.

“He is so aggressive to go across the opponent and has the perfect temperament to control the situation. Really, really good.

“And John (Stones) was brilliant at full-back, and I’m so happy he could do it two games in a row because we need him.”

On trusting his team

“I trust unconditionally all of them and I trust him unconditionally – today he scored a goal and every time he had the ball, he was one against one when he took on the full-back all the time, all the time, all the time, but he has to play for himself and give the best of himself because that’s what I’m looking for,” said Pep.

“I’m happy with him, happy with the victory and Jack has an incredible personality to play and that’s why I’m happy for him, but they don’t have to say thank you – I just want the best of themselves every time they play – this is what we are looking for.

“He has to be who he is in the good moments and bad moments that everyone has, he has to say, ‘I am Jack Grealish, this is who I am, I go there with a good mentality and try to the best for myself and my team-mates’.

“I never say he has to score a goal – I said to try, be more aggressive (in the box), yeah.

On overall win

“It was very good for us today, because 12.30pm kick-off away after the Champions League is so dangerous – the pitch was dry, but we have to admit that in all the situations today we were fortunate – we scored early, got the second one quite early as well and then there was the red card.

“The first 15-20 minutes we were so aggressive, but we were not able to control that, so our rhythm was a bit slower and in the second half the game was dangerous because they were better than us, they run more than us but after we score the third, then it was over.”

Notable Tweets