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Bernardo Silva Situation Now a Full Blown Debacle

Man City cannot let this go!

West Ham United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Barcelona and Manchester City have now entered the debacle portion of the transfer proceedings over Bernardo Silva. From fake reports, Catalan media quoting low figures, English media saying it’s nonsense, we have entered a weird space with this move.

We start here: Catalan media reports of a fee being agreed to:

Followed quite quickly by doubt from Simon, a great and plugged in to City journo who had this to say:

From there we move into a land of silliness as much has been made about this move and with Barcelona using their fourth lever today, one has to wonder where does it end?

Pep and Txiki are of course, ex-Barcelona stars/directors and this deal, if Catalan media is right, is frankly insulting.

It is why we have entered debacle territory as the fervor for this move hits high. City and the fans more so, just want a solution. There is still around three weeks left in the transfer window and business needs to get done. Enough of the complacency with him, get the fee he merits and move on. Or he stays as he still has a long deal here.

A solution needs to be found before we enter a ludicrous zone.