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Manchester City or Liverpool? BBC Pundits Give Thoughts on Title Race

13 Pundits Think Blues Will Be Crowned Champions


It’s the part of the season that leaves us smiling, grimacing and scratching our heads and asking where the logic is. Yes, the BBC pundits have given their predictions on who will finish in the top four and the eventual champions.

And, this season, 13 of the 22 pundits that took part suggest City will be crowned champions next May, with Liverpool finishing 2nd predicted by 12 of them. Yes, you read that right, 12 of them. We’ll come to the crazy one shortly.

Nine pundits think Liverpool will finish top and City second, and f these predictions are anything to go by, Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus are in for a tough season with their new clubs.

Only four pundits have Chelsea finishing third, while ten of them don’t even think Sterling’s new side will qualify for the Champions League. As for Arsenal, only eight think they’ll finish in the top four, with a fourth-placed finish the highest predicted.

Spurs have 21 predictions for a top-four finish, while Manchester United have the support of just three of the pundits. Let’s take a closer look.

City v Liverpool Again?

City, then Liverpool followed by Spurs is the prediction of nine pundits, including City old boy Micah Richards and Michael Brown. Ex-City Women’s star Izzy Christiansen has Chelsea finishing third and Spurs fourth.

Eight have gone for Liverpool, City then Spurs, with Dion Dublin feeling Chelsea will make third and United to finish fourth. Not sure about Homes, but something has definitely been under the hammer with that one.

But he’s not the only one who thinks United will creep into the top four. Former blues defender Nedum Onuoha also this United will finish fourth this season, with Liverpool taking the title from City.

But spare a thought for Rob Green, and if he gets his prediction right, there’ll be a whole nation asking him for lottery numbers. Mr Green has gone for City finishing top of the pile, but United as runners-up.

Stop laughing because you read that right. United as runners-up

Rob Green has gone for City, United, Liverpool, and Spurs.

That will either be a stroke of genius or the mind of a madman at work!

Whatever happens this season, it’s likely to be full of twists and turns again, coupled with the World Cup, happily slapped in the middle.

Enjoy the season, blues