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Premier League Preview: Three Very Specific Predictions for the new season

A look at what to expect.

Manchester City v Club America - Pre-season friendly Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images

Manchester City kick off the season this weekend. So, ahead of the return of the Premier League, we will have days of preview content. From questions, predictions and squad looks, we have a little bit of everything as we approach the new season.

Today, we take a stab at predicting three items for the team. These are for the PL only, reminder.

1 Erling Haaland and Julian Alvarez will score over 10 goals

Let’s start with the new signings. I think both will find success, that mostly due to City’s creators behind them. If Alvarez and Haaland can get through the different entries in to the World Cup, I think the rest will be much needed for Haaland and for Alvarez the experience of being a super sub for Argentina would do wonders for his confidence.

As far as the PL goes, if both can stay healthy this looks to me like a shoe in. Mind you, both players looked pretty good in the Shield match and if we add some seasoning, better training and more familiarity with he system and we have a recipe for success.

2 Jack Grealish will break out this season with 20 goals + assists

I know, his first match was not the best, but it can only can get better. He is a real good player and with similar traits to spread the field he ahs to use that speed and dribbling skills more. I suspect Pep will help with that and if they spread the pitch out wider, we can get a successful Grealish in tandem with Haaland and more.

3 Foden will start in the midfield 10+ matches

A little bold here as he is seen primarily as a winger, but if Grealish locks that down we could see him and KDB or Bernardo get some run. It would make sense as Pep values Foden and needs to get him time on the pitch.

Foden can play just about anywhere, but I’d feel he can really succeed as a 10 or 8, so in the KDB and Bernardo roles and with the rotation we expect we should see it at least many times.

What are your predictions for this season? Let us know!