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That’s My Club: Orlando Cityzens

Q&A with the Official Man City Supporters Club in Orlando, FL

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Members of Orlando Cityzens Manchester City Official Supporters Club gather at Murphy’s Arms Pub in Orlando, FL

Another week and another Official Supporters Club. This time we are checking in with the Manchester City OSC in beautiful Orlando, FL. We were able to get a few minutes of Cub Chair Nikki Boehmer’s time, and she was gracious enough to answer a few questions.

Bitter and Blue: How did Orlando Cityzens get its start?

Orlando Cityzens: I was watching Manchester City with a friend of mine and we thought there has to be others like us that love Manchester City and want to watch the matches together. So, we logged onto the Manchester City Supporters Club website and started the process to become an Official Supporters Branch.

BnB: What is the best thing about being a member of your club?

OC: Being a member of our branch allows you to meet so many people whether it is local people that have a love for English Football and Manchester City or if it’s meeting supporters from all over the world with the same love of English Football and Manchester City.

Having fun at Murphy’s in Orlando

BnB: What is your favorite memory your Orlando Cityzens has made together?

OC: We hosted a Southeast Region weekend where we had branches and their members from all over the Southeast Region of the U.S. come to Orlando, meet up, stay the night, and watch the match together the next day.

BnB: Where can City fans find you on matchday?

OC: Our home is Murphy’s Pub Orlando, 6582 International Dr., Orlando FL 32819. We are there for every weekend match and have a smaller group there for the weekday matches due to work schedules.

Orlando Cityzens holding the crest flag

Gathering with your mates to cheer on the Sky Blues is a great way to share your love for City and the beautiful game. If you’re in Orlando, reach out to Nikki. And if you aren’t you can find you local Official Supporters Club at

The Orlando Cityzens are on twitter, @CityzensOrlando, and you can catch them on game days at Murphy’s in Orlando. Thanks again Nikki for your time. Keep an eye here for the next club to be featured. We do it every Monday on Bitter and Blue.