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Charity Game — Match Preview: Manchester City vs FC Barcelona

A packed schedule allows for a great match here for a noble cause.

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Manchester City travel to La Liga giants Barcelona on Wednesday 24 August, with kick-off scheduled for 20:30 (UK) and 3:30 pm (USA - EST)

Manchester City’s trip to Barcelona comes amid some animosity between clubs as the Bernardo Silva saga has winded a long way since the start of this summer’s transfer window.

For this match though the cause is noble as the charity match is played for awareness and funding for ALS research. From the press release:

In 2020, Juan Carlos Unzue, a former Barcelona player and coach and friend of Pep Guardiola, was diagnosed as having amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), an incurable neurodegenerative disease that sees patients suffer a progressive loss of function, with their life prognosis shortened by four to six years.

All funds raised through ticket sales for Wednesday’s match will go towards aiding ALS research through the Luzon Foundation.

At FC Barcelona and Manchester City, we are committed to the fight against ASL.

City will expect to have a rotated squad for this one. The way Pep spoke it could be a good way to get some academy and fringe players some time on the pitch. Let’s hope for no injuries and a clean, fun game.

Venue: Spotify Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain


Streaming: CITY+ (Everywhere)

Prediction: Manchester City 3-2 Barcelona