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Premier League Preview: Is the midfield settled?

A look at the middle of the field.

Manchester City v Watford - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Manchester City kick off the season this weekend. So, ahead of the return of the Premier League, we will have days of preview content. From questions, predictions and squad looks, we have a little bit of everything as we approach the new season.

Today we take a look at the midfield. Let’s dive in:

Is the midfield settled?

It’s safe to say Kevin De Bruyne is a lock at midfield. The question become what the best two next to him are. For sure, at initial thought you add Bernard Silva and Rodrigo. WIth that lineup, CIty playd the SHield to limited success and if we expect rotation this season, that could be the most used three.

Still, one has to consider a double pivot with Ilkay Gundogan, or Foden in for Bernardo. I have no doubt Pep will experiment this season with that and even formation changes to add more midfielders. Imagine a 3-man back with four or five midfielders packed in to the middle of the field.

The midfield is perhaps Guardiola’s clearest yet most innovative stretch as the combinations could be endless. Even taking out KDB, a three of Phillips, Rodrigo and Foden or Bernardo could be fun.

Guardiola will have his fun with the midfield this season and we could even see the all midfield team he wants one day.

Thoughts on Manchester CIty’s midfield?