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Pep Talk: “...the first few games they are so dangerous,”

A smart Pep does not under estimate rivals.

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Manchester City Press Conference Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Match day 2 is here! We have Pep Guardiola giving his usual pre match presser. He touches on a myriad of topics, from injuries, the match, fits and much more.

Let’s dive in:

On opponent

“When they are promoted, the first few games they are so dangerous,” he said.

“They don’t feel the pressure, they still feel good from the previous season, they have nothing to lose.

“After one, two, three months all the teams have problems with injuries. Bad moments, mood in locker room - these things always happen. But in the first few games every team is there pushing to do better.”

“High press, squeeze well, drop into five at the back, narrow in the middle. Five at the back, close in the build up to drag you out, link with the strikers. After, they have good runners on the opposite side, good set pieces...”

On injuries

“Kalvin has some niggles and won’t be able [to play]. Cole Palmer had a knock in his feet in the last days and is a doubt for tomorrow.”

On tactics

“It’s a good debate, but tactics help express talents. I use tactics to create some patterns, everyone can be more comfortable, more time in expressions with talents. Defensively to take the ball as far as possible from goal...”

“If I can create more chances for the strikers to score, this is tactics. I don’t say do whatever you want because that’s chaos. Tactics isn’t against creativity for players. It’s easier for them - we’re seven seasons together, it’s not difficult.”

On fullbacks

“Not the first time, many years, last season with a proper striker or false-nine. Many games we play this season or don’t play. Depends on the shape of the opponent or how the opponent defend...”

“Whether they are four or five at the back, flat, how the wingers behave. This affects your attack. You have to adapt. Since Bayern [Munich], always I use it.”

Nice presser. A good match is ahead of us. Tactical battle will be good.