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Icey or Dicey: Premier League’s 22/23 PL Kit Review

CrunkChocolate gives opinions on this year’s PL kits for each team

CrunkChocolate rates and gives opinions on the kits for each Premier League side

Welcome to the 1st Icey or Dicey where I keep it simple. If I am a fan of the kit, I will give it the rating of “icey.” If the kit fails to wow me, I will give the kit a “dicey.”

Bournemouth - Icey. Hazy digital stripes seem to be the move for PL shirts this season. A modern take on their traditional look. The away shirt looks like I’m at Electric Forest as a friend hand me something and says, “take this.”

Arsenal- Icey. The Home and Third shirt will for sure be worn in North London clubs.

Aston Villa - Dicey. Yawn, but I will acknowledge that Aston Villa are trying. How seriously can you take a person who has “Search. Drive. Smile.” on their torso?

Brentford- Icey. The logo on Brentford’s home shirt doesn’t take away from how the white stripe pops. I love the texture of the pattern of the away kit, and the chunky stripe on the sleeve is a nice touch.

Brighton- Dicey. Learning Amex Headquarters is in Brighton. The shirts look like credit cards to me (look up the type) and that can’t be unseen.

Chelsea - Dicey. The home shirt gives off Flintstone vibes if Fred and Barney were on their local football club instead of the bowling league. The away shirts give hotel liaison at a Hawaiian hotel vibe. That’s not a good thing if you were wondering.

Crystal Palace - Glacier Icey. CP have hit this one out of the park. Not everyone will look great in the shirt because the shirt is skintight. Each shirt has stripes, but they have different feels. It gives a cohesive look that no other team in the PL does.

Everton - Dicey. Should have put a middle level in the “Icey or dicey” concept. The poster child of doing the minimum.

Fulham - Dicey. The trend of a simple home shirt and believing that gives them carte blanche to wild out on the away shirt is being taken advantage of in the worst way.

Leeds United - Dicey. The home shirt is as boring as it is every year. The away shirt is fun, but I don’t understand why they couldn’t do the same tie dye style on the home. They are holding on a bit too hard to tradition.

Leicester- Icey. I love everything about the look except the sans-serif looking ad that steals my attention away from the overall shirt.

Liverpool- Dicey. Can’t tell if it’s a “modern twist” to their old shirts or if it’s uninspired.

Manchester City - Icey. No cohesion other than each shirt is a nod to a classic City shirt but fashion focused. Like Arsenal’s home kit, I can see their 3rd kit in Manchester clubs.

Manchester United - Icey. I have no idea what “Team Viewer” is, but they know well enough to keep the logo small. The accent patterns on the collars are a nice touch.

Newcastle United - Dicey. Home shirt feels the same old. They took a chance with the away shirt, and I get what they were trying to do, but it looks more like the top half of a superhero outfit than a soccer shirt.

Nottingham Forest - Dicey. The least cohesive 3 shirts in the PL. The home shirt is big time Rec League vibes. The away shirt is fun, and the 3rd kit leaves a lot to be desired.

Southampton - Icey. Perfect example of embracing the past but very much looking to the future. Bold black lines on the home shirt are Ace. To me, the shirts are better than I predict the actual team will be this season.

Tottenham - Dicey. Dorks and only dorks will buy these shirts. The away shirt looks like Star Trek but make it football.

West Ham - Icey. They are pushing through their normally bland or “traditional” style shirts. They must be aware that people wear shirts in places other than the Olympic Stadium. Good on ya!