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Manchester City Will Not Sell Nathan Ake for a loss

City have the upper hand here.

Leeds United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Lewis Storey/Getty Images

Nathan Ake will not leave cheaply. The Manchester City defender will not leave for less than he was bought and that was for 41M Pounds. Chelsea, in many’s estimation, will need to shell out 50M Pounds for City to consider it.

Pair it with Raheem Sterling being chased by the same club and I don’t see City selling two players to the London side. One or the other and most conclude it will be Sterling for around 45-50M pounds.

Ake is a strong defender and can do the job, but at City he is fourth in the order. Where at Chelsea he would be squarely in starting contention right away.

It will come down to price and the willingness from Ake to make this messy. It does not seem likely though, Ake seems fairly happy here.

Chelsea will have to search elsewhere for a starter.

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