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Issa Kabore Close to Ligue 1 Club Deal -report

Another CFG product on the outs.

ESTAC Troyes v Olympique de Marseille - Ligue 1 Photo by John Berry/Getty Images

Issa Kabore nearing a deal with French club Nice. A trend it seems as formerly highly thought of academy/CFG imports are being sold at a rapid pace.

This one makes some deal of sense as France is where Kabore has already proven his mettle and Nice is a pardon the pun, nice step up in competition instead of relegation battles with ESTAC Troyes.

Still, it seems as if City is recuperating funds for a massive deal as has been speculated and this would feed that as Kabore was one of the more touted CFG signing just a few years ago.

A fascinating window gets more clear and as we start July, City could still make many more surprises. Wrapping up the Marc Cucurella deal is first, but then who knows all these academy/youth player sales have to amount to something, right?!

We’ll see how the window unfolds.