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Manchester City’s Player Sales Highlight New Model

A new era at the Etihad?

Bayern Munich v Manchester City - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

A new record for Manchester City as they have record amount of player sales. Ranging from established players to academy and CFG fringes, the club has done a marvelous job regaining some value.

The onus on the club has to be making City an elite and well run team for years to come and it seems they have done that.

It also has a way of fighting narratives, being a big club who can spend has its draw backs and by winning the ‘net spend trophy’ you can shut many critics before they get going.

This way does seem sustainable and not keeping players who wish to exit seems to be a recruiting tool. With that City have made for a litmus case who can sustain their place in the world’s footballing elite long after Pep Guardiola exits the club.

Of course we hope he stays a decade plus, but City have done really well to support him and his staff.

So, could we see a new model at City? We’ll find out soon.