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Neymar Offered to Manchester City -report

Oh boy, here we go again!

Paris Saint-Germain Training Session Photo by Koji Watanabe/Getty Images

French magazine L’Equipe is out with anew report and it’s a doozy. Neyamr has been offered to Manchester City by PSG leadership (not Mbappe) as they look to shed salary.

The merry go round is back after last week’s talks, and this time Manchester City do not seem to be biting as the report also included City are refusing talks until some things are clarified. While it was not said what, one has to imagine its wage related and Pep Guardiola’s final say has also yet to be factored in.

Other factors to consider are the willingness from the Brazilian to take a wage cut, his feel on the city of Manchester and more.

This deal is completely hinged on that and even if/when both sides are motivated to make a deal, these tend to be incredibly complicated.

It’s why I just can’t see it getting done, the French magazine’s report does lend some credence to the report, but man does it seem near impossible of being done.

Add that the season starts in earnest in just two weeks and the chances this happens are dwindling.

Thoughts on Neymar talks?