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Borna Sosa on Manchester City’s ‘Radar’ if Cucurrella Deal Falls -report

Another maybe if first choice left back falls through.

Croatia v Austria: UEFA Nations League - League Path Group 1 Davor Javorovic/Pixsell/MB Media/Getty Images

Borna Sosa joins the race for Manchester City’s new left back. CBS reported VfB Stuttgart could let the player go for £20M. However, Marc Cucurella is Pep Guardiola’s preference.

So not much can be made of this until we learn the deal on Marc Cuccurrella. City would be wise to explore other options as Zinchenko looks gone and this Cucu deal is taking along time to materialize.

Sosa for his part is a true fullback who has played well for Stuttgart. The Croatian has enjoyed time as a starter with his national team and all that together could play him in to joining City.

Pep is going to have to extend his search as the club will need that fullback in soon. The Community Shield is only two weeks away so getting someone in quicker would be better.

We’ll see how these deals develop, think either would be up to task.