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Neymar Rumors are Back, Are They Legitimate?

And we’re back here again!

Manchester City v Paris Saint-Germain: Group A - UEFA Champions League Photo by John Berry/Getty Images

Neymar and Manchester City rumors are back. The club has reportedly been in contact with PSG and the player and a deal is close:

That is just one of many reports claiming similar news. One popular forum among City fans even suggested the deal was done already.

Much muddied info and few corroborating sources. Many ‘in the knows’ claim to know something yet i has amounted to little tangible information.

Neymar is for sure, an incredible player and the fee would not be astronomical, but at those wages as the report stated have to be halved if not more.

Putting him in line with Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland would make sense so if Pep Guardiola can convince him of all that it still seems a nearly impossible deal to maneuver.

I really don’t think they can. There are just too many missing pieces, but where before there was just smoke, Pep and Txiki even having contact with Neymar/PSG could mean there’s fire here.

We’ll see this deal would be extremely complicated to get over the finish line.