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Manchester City Present Three New Signings

Amazing atmosphere as City have new stars aboard.

Manchester City Present New Summer Signings Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

Manchester City have presented three new signings as Julian Alvarez, Stefan Ortega and Erling Haaland were presented to the City faithful. We have quotes, pictures and more!

Stefen Ortega

Manchester City Present New Summer Signings Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

“Maybe [the good weather in Manchester today] is because of me...”

“I think I’m a mix of a German and Spanish goalkeeper. I’m a modern goalkeeper, I love to play football at the last line, with a lot of risk, but I think I’m a really good shot-stopper...”

“A few minutes ago [I reminded Erling Haaland he’s never scored against me], I remember him...”

“At first, improve and try to learn. Then I will push Ederson and show my best performance and reach a new level. Now I’m good, but it’s not the limit. I hope working with the keeper coach will take me to the next level.”

“I’m clear I want to play not be on the bench, but I know the situation. It’s the first time for me I have a goalkeeper coach from a different country, I’ll be interested to see how I can learn from different cultures - and them learning from me.”

Julian Alvarez

Manchester City Present New Summer Signings Photo by Matt McNulty - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

“I’m really looking forward to playing with all of Man City’s players!”

“It’s a great city, it’s sunny, it’s amazing being here, and I can’t wait to start playing!”

“Basically goals, assists, and helping the #ManCity team in the attacking line.”

“It will have to be a sky blue mask now!”


“I need to focus on myself, he’s a great player, scores lots of goals. I want to contribute my own things... I want to play a lot, win the #PL and the #UCL...”

“I can play in different positions; in the centre or the wings. I feel comfortable close to the box because it helps me scoring goals, but I’m versatile. I can adapt and create assists, so I would highlight the versatility.”

Erling Haaland

Manchester City Present New Summer Signings Photo by Manchester City FC/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

“I’m sure we’re going to have a good time together!”

“City! City! City!”

“I have many jerseys at home of [Sergio] Aguero!”

“I like my hair in the Viking style.”

“It’s a different level how they approach the game, create chances. That’s what I wanted to be a part of.”

“I’ll say, the Champions League is my favourite competition. You have the answer there.”

“It’s not only me and @PhilFoden, it’s the whole squad, there’s so many good players with huge potential. @ManCity are already #PL winners and there is potential. That’s a good thing. I’m really excited.”

“I just had the feeling in my stomach and the feeling, the way they play, everything, I had the feeling for #ManCity.”

Now this is how you do a presentation! The energy and enthusiasm not just by supporters, but by the players was incredible!

This is how you recruit, when players see this atmosphere and fan passion, how can you not love City!

City! City! City!