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Bernardo Silva Departure from Manchester City, ‘Highly Unlikely’ -report

Good news!

Manchester City Victory Parade Photo by Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images

Bernardo Silva had been the key player to depart last season amid heavy speculation he would request a transfer. Fast forward to a Pep Guardiola sit down and perhaps his best season as a blue ever and we have a very content Silva here, now.

That leads us to this news that any deal for Silva this summer is highly unlikely. Pep himself even said “They will have a difficult time...” to sign him.

Silva has grown close to a number of City teammates and it looks more likely he will stay and re-sign than leave at this point.

That is good news as we shift the roster and could see three to four players exit. Bernardo will not be one of them. Where we can see improvement is in locker room dynamics as the team seems closer than ever.

He can, now emerge as a leader for this side and who knows what the future holds.