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ANOTHER Manchester City Player Linked to Chelsea

Come on now, not this again!

Manchester City Victory Parade Photo by Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images

Oleks Zinchenko joins the list of Manchester City players linked to Chelsea. Raheem Sterling and Nathan Ake being the others.

This one makes even less sense than the previous one’s. The deal here would be getting Zinchnk back to his midfielder spot, but that is a crowded room at Chelsea, especially more so now that Connor Gallagher is back.

The Ukrainian would be wise to stay at City and embrace his new position. At Chelsea with Gallagher we add like 5-6 other players in similar spots.

Way too many for any player to imagine consistent minutes. The other two would fill needs, but this one just does not. Even at fullback, Chelsea have two pretty entrenched starters.

It seems as f their new owner, Todd Boehly, is intent on raiding City’s squad. A similar tactic he employed in baseball as his Dodgers would raid other teams best players or those just on the fringe.

We’ll see if any actually join. Fun summer ahead.