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Raheem Sterling Deal to Chelsea Could be ‘Done’ -report

A tad of bad news.

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Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Raheem Sterling will join Gabriel Jesus in departing Manchester City this summer. That is if new reports are to be believed. Many are saying The Athletic’s City podcast, ‘Why always us’ were quoted as saying this deal was done.

That does bring up many questions and after listening to the pod, Sam Lee provides a ton more context to the ‘move’ and especially the point about the move being done. What does done mean here? Who knows, but the key point for me was that in the same breath he said the expectation in City is that he will depart this summer. That was disappointing.

He would depart for the capital with a figure between £50-60M. A solid figure, but I’m still curious as to why Sterling would want to leave the Etihad. The deal makes no sense. Sterling is a valued member and well compensated after years of solid work.

Similar pay and the only real difference is being back home and a want for a change of scenery, which fair play to him, but I do not understand.

We’ll see if the move ends up successful.