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Ferran Soriano on Erling Haaland Deal: “He made a... decision, based on football...”

Some words of encouragement from the City executive.

Manchester City Unveil New Signing Erling Haaland Photo by Lynne Cameron - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Ferran Soriano has no doubts about how and why Erling Haaland chose to come to Manchester City. In a wide ranging talk the City executive has spoken glowingly about Erling Haaland, City recruitment and more.

Let’s check it out:

“He made a well-informed decision, based on football... The economical and financial decision wasn’t the challenge. The fee with Dortmund was agreed in a release clause, and a lot of clubs wanted to pay the salary...”

“We’re very excited. But, all signings are taken through a football lens - not a marketing or celebrity lens. Txiki, Pep, the whole group think very carefully about the players they need, and this is what they sign...”

“If you see the intensity in the way that they discuss how they’re going to play, it’s very sophisticated. You need to be a very sophisticated player to be able to adapt to this, and we think [Erling] Haaland will do...”

“He’s developed his profile as a superstar, but this is not the reason why #ManCity signed him. We signed him because we think he’s going to score a lot of goals and he has the intelligence to adapt to our system. The system is very complex...”

Some good quotes as the club has and will do well by players. That’s all a fan can ask for.