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Neymar Could Depart PSG - Manchester City Temper Interest

No way, right?

Manchester City v Paris Saint-Germain: Group A - UEFA Champions League Photo by John Berry/Getty Images

Neymar has been the subject of massive transfer speculation over the last few weeks. According to Jose Alvarez in Spain, Barcelona and two more teams have been offered the Brazilian star for just 50m Euros.

A report that flies direct in conflict with another one that had the player wanting to stay in Paris. The rampant speculation and flip flopping reports is par for the course on such a massive star, but one must temper expectations.

While an exciting player, Neymar has had trouble keeping fit as injuries have taken a toll. It is why unless the initial report is true and he can be had for 50M, I don’t see City being even remotely interested.

Tempered feelings should prevail and him arriving in Manchester is still far off, but it was noteworthy that this much speculation exists.

Could he leave Messi and Mbappe? I just don’t see that happening.