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Where there’s smoke, there’s fire....Raheem Sterling and Manchester City

Could he leave?

Manchester City v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Manchester City do not want to lose Raheem Sterling. The English and City superstar have been undergoing talks about a possible move away from the club. City would not stand in his way, but Sterling is still unsure.

Chelsea and Real Madrid seem the most likely destinations of he were to depart. City want at least a £60M transfer fee amid speculation that Chelsea’s opening bid was only 25M. An insult, frankly.

I have my doubts about whether a move will occur as City have about alf the roster listed if we listen to ‘in the knows’ on social media. That will not happen, I can only foresee one or at most two more departures occurring. One would imagine Gabriel Jesus would be the first and I don’t think City will let go a second star winger.

Sterling, while frustrating, has proven his class again and again. He needs to stay.

This move makes little sense from all sides, City, Chelsea and the player. There are doubts about whether he would fit on the London side and City would want a replacement allegedly.

Little of this move makes sense, We’ll see if anything advances.