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An Early Look at Manchester City’s Opening Five PL Fixtures

We take a look at the first month and change,

Manchester City v Atlético Madrid Quarter Final Leg One - UEFA Champions League Photo by Pedro Salado/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola has to be relishing the nice set of fixtures he was given as the first month and change is quite manageable.

West Ham are always a challenge, with Moyes they play tough and as we saw last season, they nearly won v City.

Newcastle will be a different team by the time they play each other, but even then the rest should be wins for City. Howe’s side will be filled with new players and that could limit their play vs City.

City though are famous for being slow starters, remember the title contenders around October last season did not have City in them.

So, who really knows whether Bournemouth, Palace and Forest will represent a tough matchup for Guardiola and company. History says it’s possible.

Palace, of course, famously are a rough side and tend to surprise City everywhere.

What is sure is that an early look tells me City could end up 15/15 in terms of points. Optimistic? Of course, but with Haaland, KDB, Foden and a rejuvenated Grealish, City have the makings of having a historical season. It starts with these opening five games.

Manchester City’s first five fixtures:

07/08/2022 — West Ham United v Manchester City

13/08/2022 — Manchester City v Bournemouth

20/08/2022 — Newcastle United v Manchester City

27/08/2022 — Manchester City v Crystal Palace

31/08/2022 — Manchester City v Nottingham Forest