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Manchester City: We Tell You Why Javier Tebas Latest Complaint is More Sour Grapes

A look at a frankly rubbish claim.

Desayunos Europa Press - Javier Tebas Photo By Oscar J. Barroso/Europa Press via Getty Images

Javier Tebas is back at it again, this time making nonsense complaints of FFP breaches by PSG and Manchester City for their roles in keeping or signing Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe.

The key parts of the complaint are as follows:

“La Liga considers that these practices alter the ecosystem and the sustainability of football, harm all European clubs and leagues, and only serve to artificially inflate the market, with money not generated in football itself.”

“The complaints against Manchester City before UEFA were made in April and this last week the one corresponding to PSG has been presented, although it is not ruled out that in the coming days extensions of some of these complaints will be made with the contributions of new data.”

“They must have done something, because (Erling) Haaland asked the clubs for more apart from the €60 million that has been paid.”

It’s hogwash and frankly insulting. The key mark is at the end of the complaint where he resorts to saying ‘they must have done something’ without a scintilla of evidence.

So for City, this is more bad press to just brush aside, from La Liga, Der Spiegal and more, the attacks on City as the success of the club has grown seems to run directly parellel, even baseless accusations or one’s they have been cleared for by CAS appear often.

Let’s not forgot that for all of Tebas whining, his country’s own government has been proven to have helped Barcelona and Real Madrid among others in a funding scheme.

Equally as dishonest is his instance on helping only his leagues elite teams and forgetting the rest which limits investment and caps salaries. Spain have an essential salary cap that hinders all the previous questions.

One thing is for sure and that is that among football’s changing landscape, ‘legacy’ clubs are ruing competition and want to go back to the old times where they could spend as they see fit without question. That won’t happen anymore and even if spending was not the central issue, the power balance among elite clubs has changed, Tebas and company need to learn to adapt instead of the constant bad faith attacks.

Thoughts on the latest claims?