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David Raum of ‘Interest’ to Manchester City

A new fullback target.

Germany v Italy: UEFA Nations League - League Path Group 3 Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

David Raum is the latest transfer target linked to Manchester City. The German fullback plying his trade at Hoffenheim has attracted a ton of suitors and City seem to be entering the race.

All that according to 90min Football, who had the report. As the Marc Cucurella rumors die down, City could target this versatile fullback. The good news is the player would be keen to a move as he looks for a better club situation given he is now a National team starter and wants elite competition both in terms of games and training.

What better place than at City where there is a need for a player like him and he’d get to work with those incredible teammates and of course, Pep Guardiola.

This deal makes more sense than the Cucurella one, it could be closed for 25-30M Euros, a more manageable fee that still allows City to attack and sign one more midfielder as the window begins to roll.

We’ll see if it amounts to everything.