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Erling Haaland Announced: More Quotes From New Manchester City Icon

A glorious day!

Manchester City Unveil New Signing Erling Haaland Photo by Lynne Cameron - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

The day we have all been waiting for is here! Erling Haaland announced as a City player on the same day his father was all those year ago! Poetic and just.

After the release he spoke at length abut his love for City, playing with a tremendous squad and more....let’s dive in:

“First of all, my father, a little bit,”

“In the end, [deciding to sign was down to] two things. I feel at home here and I feel I can develop and get the best out of my game at City.

“I like the style (of play). I like the attacking football. I like the positive vibe we have when City play football.

“This is what I like a lot, so I think it’s a good fit.”

Memories of Maine Road

“I have been to a lot of games (there). I don’t remember, but I have been to a lot of games with my mum, sister and brother watching my father play.”

Playing with Foden

“I have been watching a lot of City games for as long as I can remember. Of course, then I also watched Phil and he is an amazing player,”

On Foden: “He is still a talent because he is still young, but he is an amazing player.

“He still has to develop and then we can really talk.”

On Mahrez

“He told me to come to City!

“He was right about that. He said some good things about the Club.”

Real good stuff all around from the City social team and presentation has been an unmitigated success!