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Manchester City to Announce Erling Haaland this Week -report

Happy days, oh happy days!


Various outlets, led by David Ornstein at The Athletic have confirmed the deal for Erling Haaland is done.

After activation of the release clause the team is expected to announce Haaland this week if all goes as planned. The idea was to get Haaland a proper goodbye match on the weekend. City will oblige and have along with Erling and his team told Dortmund of the impending move.

All matters have been solved and the best part of the deal is that despite earlier reports, this will not break Manchester City’s meticulous wage structure.

Adding to that, seeing it’s about heavy motivation for his next move has always been footballing reasons and which club would fit his desire to become the best in the world. He wants to win the Ballon D’Or, compete in the UCL latter stages, and working under Pep appeals to him greatly.

Haaland joins at a great time as Kevin De Bruyne is still in his prime and playing alongside Phil Foden and others is of great joy.

A great signing all around.