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Ferran Soriano: “We’re sure Haaland will work at Manchester City. There will be some time to adapt, patience is needed...”

A good interview by a senior executive.

Manchester City v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester City executive Ferran Soriano knows how hard Manchester City and everyone at the club works. It’s why he is fierce to defend the club from any and all detractors.

In a revealing interview with RAC1, he spoke about that, Erling Haaland, Pep Guardiola and much more. Let’s dive in-

On Haaland/Team being chosen

“We’re evolving to a time when big players can choose, and [Erling] Haaland has chosen Man City. You’ve seen the transfer figures, and they are very reasonable. The salary we are paying him is what we can afford and what he is entitled to…”

“He’s had all peace of mind and time to choose. We’ve been close to him, we’ve explained the project to him, but the money could have been given to him by [Manchester] United, Bayern [Munich] or Real Madrid. He has decided where he wants to go and we are happy…”

“Our focus is on football, playing well/winning, rather than star players. We had someone spectacular like Agüero, lost him because of age, and spent a year looking for a replacement. Haaland is it. We’ll introduce him soon.”

“We’re sure Haaland will work at Man City. There will be some time to adapt, patience is needed, but the physical, technical, talent, mentality he has, we’re sure he’ll succeed. He’ll have to change the way he plays a bit to adapt.”

On false City attacks

“People construct narratives that are lies, that don’t make sense. If you look at the income of English clubs, the biggest earner is Manchester United: they earn £100M more than Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea. We don’t have more money. In fact, we have less...”

“I have three shareholders: one from the United Arab Emirates, one from the United States, one from China. They’re three investment funds that are looking for profitability and we try to win and grow the business and make money...”

“How much money has [Manchester] United spent in recent years and how much has Man City spent? If you analyse, you’ll see United spent more, and Man City won 11 titles in the last few years and United one or two, and no PL titles.”

On new PL title

“Absolutely unbelievable! The fact we won the #PL title in front of a home crowd in this way was picture perfect. The stadium literally exploded, we just cried out our joy and relief... A great end to a long and nerve-wracking season!”

What a tour de force of a convo! Soriano really went and defended the club well here.