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Pep Talk: “...go there to try to enjoy the moment.”

A great presser by the Catalan.

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Manchester City Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola seemed as relaxed as ever! He spoke on the injury situation, the mentality going in to this one and much more!

Let’s dive straight in

On mentality

“We cannot control it, it’s just a football game” he said.

“Don’t think about the consequences. Think about what we have to do to beat Aston Villa.

“They are going to play with Ings and Watkins or just with Watkins? Play with a holding midfielder or not? McGinn on the outside or inside? This is what we have to handle.

“We have to be anxious? No, go there to try to enjoy the moment. If we are struggling, let’s go again and try to enjoy it.

“From my experience, that’s the best way to approach this situation.”

“You have to expect something but we know we can react the best way possible.

“It’s difficult to control your emotions when you know what you are playing for. The players are human beings but it’s football, when you think that it is over it is not over.

“We must do exactly what we have done in the last month. The importance is unnecessary to tell them. They know it, they feel it.”

On Grealish/Villa

“He helped Villa to be promoted and after remain in the Premier League but he has never won a Premier League, he must be so excited.

“My advice to him is to try to be happy as possible playing football. That is most important.

On injuries

“We have incredible doctors and physios,” said Guardiola.

“They have trained today. We will see tomorrow. It is good for us to have them back.”

On PL difficulty

“It is more difficult (to win the Premier League),” said Pep.

“There are lots of weeks, games, struggles with injuries and bad moments, tough opponents.

“The success is being there all the time in the last five years except the year when Liverpool were unstoppable.

“It’s every day, when you fight the Premier League and fight until the end, it gives you happiness.

“You are happier when you win and you win. It’s not a cup, it’s a routine.

“Doing a routine is most difficult in our lives. If you are not happy, you want these great experiences. Premier League is routine.”

A great presser as he praises his team and they are more than ready for this finale.