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Pep Talk: The overthinking is back...?

Pep Guardiola is back to his usual antics.

Manchester City Training and Press Conference - City Football Academy - Monday April 4th Photo by Nigel French/PA Images via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola is back to his over thinking ways. At least that’s what he wants to have you believe. The Catalan manager previewed the Atletico clash and spoke about styles, overthinking and so much more.

Let’s dive in-

“Every opponent is tough in this stage. Every team has a particular way to play. You have to adapt and adjust...”

“If you don’t play these games, you’re out of the competitions. It’s a joy to be here every season. To arrive every season, April, May to fight for titles we’ve done really well. Bad results now and you’re out of competitions.”

“In the UCL, I always overthink and create new ideas. Tomorrow, we will see another one. I overthink a lot. Absolutely [it’s fair]. That’s why we have good results.”

“After watching Atletico there is a misconception, wrong, about the way he [Diego Simeone] plays. It’s more offensive than people believe. He doesn’t want to take a risk in the build up but they have quality in the final third...”

“If people think I play the same vs Atletico and Liverpool, I don’t like... That’s why I overthink, create stupid tactics. Tonight I take inspiration and I’m going to do incredible tactics tomorrow. We play with 12 tomorrow!”

“I’m not going to judge what they [Atletico Madrid] do, analyse what to do to get a good result to go to Madrid next week. What is playing ugly? My team won in Old Trafford 1-0 and Bernardo Silva spend five minutes in the corner, that is not ugly...”

“We were out [of the UCL] three times on away goals. Unfortunately now it changes. We are going to play to win, high intensity to create chances and in Madrid the same. We are going to have success or go out. We adapt, all the time we’ve tried to win...”

“When you are out because they score away you can’t score. 5-5 you are out because they score three and you score one. Always, ‘Oh my god’, a pity. Now it’s not a debate. Try to play the game best as possible.”

“I trust a lot in the UCL the characters, courage. I put a lot of pressure on these games, outside I take responsibility but don’t put responsibility on my shoulders, you’re the ones who have to win. They’ve done it many times, hopefully tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow is not decisive, we have another game to play. We try to go to Madrid with as good a result as possible.”

Let’s hope Pep is just being wily, I’m not sure City fans can handle another master class in overthinking. Play to what you know.

We’ll see how the team sets up.