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Pep Talk: “You can see today we can do things better, we have to improve.”

A smart Pep does not put pressure on players.

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Manchester City boss is confident in his team ahead of the semi final cash vs Real Madrid. The Catalan spoke about injuries, players stepping up and much more.

Let’s check it out-

“When it (injuries) happens in November or December for a long time it is a problem,”

“When you have seven games, potentially eight, to the end of the season… if Gabriel Jesus (for example) has to play right-back, he will do it. It’s not a problem.

“In that moment when the players feel like we are in trouble in several positions, then they do extra. I don’t have doubts about that.

“After, if the opponent is better and there is a bad performance, there is a bad performance.

“You can see today we can do things better, we have to improve. But you saw from minute one how they want to win the next game and the next one and give us the opportunity to win against Leeds.

“I can trust them. We can trust each other, and they can trust each other. You see the desire from everyone, the players are incredible, they made 40 metres at 5-1 to receive the ball.

“This is the only secret we have for the success of last seasons. A lot of money to buy the top, top players, but also the desire to run for each other.

“When we have less than one month of the season we are going to do it.”

“I could say it is a day to take a risk but at the end if you are not able and you are not ready because have pain and you cannot run or shoot then you cannot play. We will know on Tuesday.”

A wise Pep as he knows the club is dealing with injuries and has put some of the pressure on himself while praising the team’s resilience.

Huge match ahead for City, let’s hope everyone steps up.