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Gareth Taylor Talks Injury Updates + Previewing FAWSL Match

City’s manager looks confident ahead of crunch time.

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Manchester City v Sporting CP: Round Of Sixteen Leg Two - UEFA Champions League Photo by Lynne Cameron - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Manchester City are flying high after that FA Cup win over the weekend! A great win that has put manager Gareth Taylor in a solid spot as they look to continue to compete in the league. Speaking to the site, he spoke about the upcoming match, injury updates and more.

Let’s dive in-

On Esme Morgan

“Esme is doing well,” “She is back on pitch.

“A lot of the rehab has taken place inside. That can be difficult when you are stuck in a room with four walls.

“It is great to get out on the pitch. It is fantastic. I am going to go out and give her some support and see how she gets on because our session doesn’t start for a couple of hours.

“Losing Esme was a huge one because of her versatility in the back line. She is someone I enjoyed working with because she is a young talent who is willing to learn.

“She is a huge prospect for the future but she is for the now as well.


“We will see,” he replied. “They look like winnable games and everyone expects us to but we pay full respect to the opposition.

“We have less time between this game and the game on Sunday. In that respect, there is a little bit of muscle soreness and fatigue but everyone has checked in well.

“We will make a decision after. I think one of the most pleasing things is how strong everyone has looked recently. We look like we’re in top form.

“In terms of the squad, everyone is complementing each other well.”

Warning for team

“Playing back-to-back is interesting,” he admitted. “Usually, it happens where you are at home and then away.

“We are in the situation where there are two home games and two different competitions.

“It’s strange but quite exciting in terms of what you are going to see from the opposition. We are in a pretty good place in that so far.

“The players are adapting really well and like I said on Sunday, they are finding the solutions really well.

“I think it’s something the players will enjoy and we’re ready for challenge. It’s a good opportunity. It’s good in that respect that it is a home game. We are in a good vein of form.

“It is important we focus on the performance. We are in good shape and we just need to make sure we maintain the high standards.”

We’ll see hoe the team react. The season enters a crucial stretch and they should be up to the task.