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Kevin De Bruyne: “I think the reaction was really good..”

A confident KDB.

Southampton v Manchester City: The Emirates FA Cup Quarter Final Photo by Robin Jones/Getty Images

Kevin De Bruyne is happy with how the team responded on Sunday to a tough opponent in Southampton and advanced to the semi final of the cup. He spoke after the match and was effusive in his praise of the club and management.

Let’s dive in-

“The third and fourth goals were beautiful goals and we saw then how good we can play.

“I think the first 20 minutes and the last half an hour we did well. In between we made too many stupid mistakes and even with their goal, we should have just played it out - there were 30 seconds to go until half-time.

Not a lot was said at half-time but we had to play better and we did that.

“I think the reaction was really good - the second half, we dominated and we did much better.”

“We want to win every competition we enter,” he added.

“We have lost in a couple of FA Cup semi-finals but we are very happy and privileged we go again and hopefully we can win it this time.”

It’s good to see a confident KDB after his covid scare and for him to score a penalty, I think was a nice motivator for the rest of the season. We’ll see how City handle the next month of incredibly important fixtures.