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Savinho Deal Done, Manchester City will announce soon-report

A great day of news.

Atletico Mineiro

Manchester City are close to signing a wonderkid. This time out of Brazil in Savinho. The player could be set for the deal soon and would be loaned out to a CFG property for a year.

The money in the deal as per Romano in the tweet above is more than manageable and could be a bargain if Savinho pans out. Romano also clarifies that he could go to PSV in the Netherlands as he wouldn’t meet the standards required for a visa in England under the new post-Brexit rules ad regulations.

That seems like a win-win for City. He gets minutes at a legit club and league while improving as a young player.

Savinho is a real good prospect and has played well at Mineiro. We’ll see how he responds under these new environments.