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Pep Talk: “When you have the ball, that is the best way to defend.”

A happy Pep ready for Brentford challenge.

Manchester City v Fulham: The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola is here and ready for another game on the Premier League. He spoke about the injury situation, the Grealish party issues, Brentford and much more.

Let’s dive in-

On injuries

“Soon, he [Jesus] will be ready. I spoke with him this morning and he feels good, but he is not perfect; a few niggles - muscular. We have to be careful.”

“Palmr also out”

On Grealish party fiasco

“I’m so upset because they didn’t invite me.”

“Next time, they can invite me hopefully. The video didn’t show exactly what happened. Dinner together, sober with some mates, and some backroom staff.”

On Eriksen

“It’s great news he has come back to play a game he loves and do what he does well. The doctors take all measures to ensure he won’t suffer again. It’s good news for him, his family and Brentford.

On defending

“When the opponent has the ball far away from the goal and when you have the ball, that’s the best way to defend.

“To concede a goal, the opponent has to have the ball and the less they have it, the more chances we have to have a clean sheet and be solid.

“And after we can talk about what we have to do with the ball.

“We can have the ball and, yeah, you can concede a counter-attack and be punished on a counter-attack, of course.

“But if you look at the best teams in the Premier League right now it is because most of them are offensive and have the ball a high per cent.

“The team that is top of Championship, Fulham, is the team that has more time with the ball.

“I am very pleased for that (defensive record). Be offensive but, at the same time, be solid and concede few goals.”

On his contract

“I have one and and half year [left on my] Man City contract, which is a long time when you look around at World football.”

“I’m here six years because we won a lot. I came because many persons convinced me. It depends on results. No more than that...”

On how to play v Brentford

“When you have the ball, that is the best way to defend. The less the opponent has it, the less chance they have to score...”

Pep should have this party thing behind the team and all should be 100% focused on Brentford. Big and tricky couple of games coming for Man City.