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Pep Talk: “We try to be ourselves every single game.”

A more somber Pep as he navigates the world news amid Everton clash.

Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Manchester City FC/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Pep Guardiola is back and his usual press conference had a different tone as he and most of the world navigate the real world news and how close it affects Oleks Zinchenko. He also previewed the match and had an injury update.

Let’s dive in-

“We know it’s a long road.”

“We try to be ourselves every single game. Not just in the Premier League, in all competitions and it’s nice to be there.”

“We had two days off right after (the Spurs game). We didn’t train straight after and then after we trained really well, as usual. We accept the game.

“I know how we perform when we dropped points against Southampton and here v Tottenham.

“In the past we were able to do it, I never thought about that, I think tomorrow is Goodison Park against Everton with a new manager and they need points.

“We want to do a good game and try to win.

“Football team is never end, never finished. Every time, we can go training to do better. Otherwise it would be so boring. Never felt it would be over. We want to be there and this is what I want from my team.”

“I am more than delighted to be in the position we are. We try to defend and attack better and try to win games.

“The Premier League is so tough and we know it.

On Zinchenko/Ukraine

“It’s a worry, what we feel with our country where we were born. Killing innocent people, how would you feel? I guess that’s how he [Oleksandr Zinchenko] feels...”

“I’ve spoken privately with him and with the staff. These are the headlines all around the world. He’s concerned. He’s an incredibly strong guy. Today in the training session he is ready to play [vs Everton].”

“When you are not involved, they attack your country and it should be complicated to arrive at this point. Always innocent people pay the terrible price, the decisions of one or two people. Still we don’t learn what happened in the past...”

On Everton/injuries

“He’s so important in many aspects we don’t have. For the inspiration, the movement in behind, the actions in final third. He and Jack [Grealish] are back.”

I try to look at their strong points; saying good words for Frank, bad words for Rafa is not my intention. They have good players...”

”They [Everton] are fighting for being where they should be from the history. It will be tough at Goodison Park but I have full confidence in these #ManCity players. I don’t have an alternative.”

On title race

“Why shouldn’t be excited? I’m more than delighted to be in this position. We want to defend it [the title], attack better, try to win games. So tough. I saw yesterday the game, how Tottenham played the last game. Every game, so difficult...”

“What we’ve achieved, contenders are so intense. How they behave in Europe, that’s why it’s a big challenge; I couldn’t expect another. From the start, I couldn’t expect it wouldn’t be what it is. I’m more than grateful we’re better than I thought at the start...”

“The way we defend some situations, we didn’t deserve to win, try to attack when defending teams in this way. For the quality we have isn’t easy. Solutions, solutions, always find a process to improve to the end.”

Very interesting comments on a range of topics. We’ll see how the team is prepared and up to task.