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Pep Talk: Honoring Pele and More

A cool presser today.

Leeds United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola honored the life of Pele as the Brazilian Icon passed away this week. From there he spoke about Grealish expectations, the Everton match and much more.

Let’s dive right in-

On Pele

“I send on behalf of Manchester City, the biggest condolences to his family and friends.

“Football is football thanks to these types of people, players and human beings.

“I think Neymar said it, before the No. 10 was just a number and after it became something special - every top player wants to wear it for their team.

“What he has done for football is there and always will remain.

“He didn’t just win three World Cups - it was a new thing when he came up. I was not born when he was playing but it’s like a good movie, no?

“The legacy after many years is still there. We are still talking all these years later. Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Messi, Beckenbauer, Cristiano Ronaldo - these players will be forever, will be eternal.

“They have done many things for many years, and these types of players make our business, our work, our job a better place.

“What he produced; we have seen with the World Cup one team can change everything for a country of millions of people.

“What is for sure is all of them make an incredible contribution to our football and make emotions for people.

“That is the nicest thing a player can do - and they did it quite regularly, almost every game. That is so nice.”

On Grealish

“Jack [Grealish] doesn’t need goals to change my opinion.”

On Haaland

“If he breaks records he’s scoring goals and helping us to win games. The team benefits, we have the benefit of this. Since day one we are delighted, not just the contribution of goals, but many things…”

“Hopefully he can continue to improve, because I have the feeling he can do better as a football player. He’s still young, he has the mindset to do it.”

On Everton

“The last two games against Liverpool and Leeds were so demanding - the high pressing and intensity from both teams. We handled it well.

“I don’t know what Everton is going to do. If they defend deep we have to know how to handle that, the transition from Pickford is so fast.

“The quality is there - we have a feeling Everton have exceptional, really good players. In this period of the calendar it can be a problem. Just three days after the game against Leeds, which was so demanding. We have to be ready again.”