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Manchester City “Hopeful” Pep Guardiola Will Re-sign

An optimistic view as the end nears.

Manchester City v Fulham FC - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

A new report has the claim that the club is really hopeful that Pep Guardiola will re-sign for the club after the World Cup this winter.

The report seen here:

is of much note to supporters who really want him tied down to the club at least a few more seasons. This would satisfy that and the initial though that he would stay past the Summer 2023 date. It would be a glad result if he stays this long.

If completed the club will have Pep Guardiola for his longest tenure ever. A real feat as the club has done everything to support him.

We will now have to wait as Pep himself has said that the decision will be finalised after the World Cup.

City should be optimistic as the club will back him and Pep has no reason to not re-sign for a couple more years and then re-evaluate in 2025.