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Gareth Southgate on Phil Foden Dilemma

What has gone on with his exclusion.

England v USA: Group B - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Manchester City star Phil Foden has undergone a revelation after Gareth Southgate has spoken on his situation and why the player has not been prominently featured for England at the World Cup.

Let’s see what he had to say-

On the player

“He is a super player. We think the world of him and he is going to play a big part [for England at the World Cup]. We love Phil. He’s a super player…”

“He’s obviously been into the first game [vs Iran]. We decided not to put him into the second [vs USA] but he is going to play an important part in this tournament for us. There is no question about that.”

On the role

“There’s different possibilities with that. He can play off either flank, he can play as a false nine if we choose to do that, he can play off of a striker although he doesn’t really do that so much at club level…”

“So that’s applicable for certain types of games or certain moments in games. But he’s a very flexible player in terms of the attributes that he has and where he can have an impact, and he’s a goal threat - which is also really important.”

Some curious words, there was also talk about not playing him out of his position, but he also plays other players outside their normal ones. Foden is one of the most talented players on the squad and he should be on the pitch.