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Pep Talk: “It’s an early kick off, which is always a little bit more complicated.”

A god look at the opponent and some updates.

Manchester City v Chelsea - Carabao Cup Third Round Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images

Manchester City face Brentford in the Premier League as the club enters its final match before the World Cup break. Manager Pep Guardiola updated on injuries, the opponent and much more...

Let’s dive in to his presser

Pep on Brentford

“Same manager, same style.

“They change a little bit the shape this season.

“I remember how tough it was meeting here and away. It will quite similar.

“It’s an early kick off, which is always a little bit more complicated.

“It’s the last game before the stop - we have to do our game and do our job.

“I don’t think about a disappointing result, I am always positive before a game.

“One thing is to know exactly what will happen. I cannot answer you [on that]. But always I am positive. But, if it’s not positive, we will come back and try to be better.

“Brentford thinks the same – to finish in the best way possible before the World Cup break. It is no different for them.”

Pep on injuries

“We will see. After today’s training, we will see.”

“Kalvin you saw in the last game,” he said. “He is ready – Kyle, not yet.

“It’s a decision for Kyle and Southgate (the decision to select him) - 100% their decision. I am not involved.

“After Saturday, the players belong to the national teams. I am not worried.”

Pep on motivation/League Cup vs Pool

“Having fun. In the stressful moments, it’s not always happy, things don’t always work as you think. I’m not alone. It’s not about achievements. Six/seven years, seeing you are comfortable here.”

“I don’t know how many we have [for Liverpool in Carabao Cup]. Riyad [Mahrez] unfortunately doesn’t go, Erling [Haaland], Sergio [Gomez], Rico [Lewis]. The rest go to World Cup. If they go through group stage, last-16, quarter finals. Then they have days off...”

“If players don’t go through the group stage, they will be able to play against Liverpool. If not, we will see. After the World Cup, we’re here to train. Liverpool game, how many players we have, these ones, okay...”

“When we take breakfast, we see who we have, when we come back from Abu Dhabi, we stay here with the second team, train with them. Players come back, Liverpool, Leeds, day by day. I don’t know which condition, how many players...”

Hectic return after the break it seems. We’ll see how it plays out. For now, the team needs to take care of business vs Brentford.