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Joao Cancelo: “I’m always happy when we score...”

Really good game from the worls best fullback!

Manchester City v Southampton FC - Premier League Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

The world’s best fullback had a game to remember! The star fullback had a really good game and was the star as he tore through the S’ampton defense and nailed a really good goal. The star man played really well everywhere else too making defensive stops and more.

Let’s check out his reaction-

“I’m always happy when we score and even happier when we win,” he said.

“Yeah, It’s true I can play in two positions and I feel comfortable in both, right and left. I played more advanced today but as I say I’m comfortable in both right back and left back.

“I always try to help the team wherever the team need me, even if the manager asks me to be a goalkeeper I can also do it! I always try to do my best and try to help the team to achieve the targets.”

A clutch game as he makes his presence felt often. We move with a nice performance and win.