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Pep Talk: “We never stop improving until we die.”

A good one as the Saints are here!

Manchester City Press Conference Photo by Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

A jovial Pep took the presser with light hearted chumminess today. The Catalan manager had some updates on injuries, the food scene in Manchester, Haaland talk, and of course analyzing the Saints.

Let’s dive right in-

On S’ampton

“We struggle every season to try to control. We’re ready to do a good game. I expect a brave team, so aggressive. So well organised. They have a culture I like a lot but we have to maintain this momentum and create good rhythm...”

“We cannot forget that one team has been better than us [so far this season]. Arsenal have been better than us...”

On Haaland

“Thank you so much that Erling Haaland chose Man City.”

“He has incredible instinct, an incredible sense as a striker, he goes one second before the ball arrives. These types of player, how can a manager teach him - it is impossible. He is a natural...”

“The connection with Kevin [De Bruyne], Phil [Foden], Riyad [Mahrez], Jack [Grealish]. Erling, when he has the ball, he knows what passes I like. He can improve every part of his game. Everyone knows he can do better...”

On staying sharp

“We never stop improving until we die.”

“I tell the players offensively and defensively what is going to happen. Our attack has to play differently, our defence has to play differently. The secret is that we have top players. I see us quite similar to last season...”

“We have a guy up front who can unlock the game. Every few years, we are a little bit better. In the UCL, we are in a dream position...”

On food scene

“I am disappointed that they didn’t go to my restaurant. Gundo will not play one more game...”

“I’m going to invite her, Ilkay Gundogan’s wife, to Tast.”

A good presser that leads to a nice game vs Southampton, let’s get he right result.