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Quick Match Recap: Manchester City Crush in UCL, Win 5-0

A huge win and we go first f the group!

Manchester City v FC Copenhagen: Group G - UEFA Champions League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester City 5, Khocholava 39’ (OG), Mahrez 55’ (Pen), Álvarez 76, Erling Haaland (7’, 32’)

FC Copenhagen 0

Welcome to your quick recap. Manchester City have won a great match where they played really well and Erling Haaland showed his goal scoring prowess.

Manchester City win after playing a very good match. They got a dream start and with the play of most of the players dominated from minute one.

A strong side is what Pep started with and with great performances from the lads they had a really good game that leads City to be the first of the group.

Haaland got on the the tear and Alvarez as well as the club played incredible.

A good match filled with domination from City and good finishing chances. Man City played well and did more than enough to earn that win.

One where City was in control with possession and chances created. They played a pretty good game. City looked well and can only get better as UCL march goes on.

City had so many other players who did well, including Grealish, who played another really good game and deserved a goal. The kids also played some minutes making it an all around good night.

The story of the night is that City continue top and the march for the UCL is really on.

A great day of football.

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