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That’s My Club: Metro Detroit Blues

Q&A with the Official Man City Supporters Club in Detroit, MI.

Welcome back to our weekly feature on Manchester City Official Supporters Clubs. Hot off the heels of the Manchester Derby, we’re getting to know the OSC located in Detroit, MI. We got the opportunity to ask a few questions of Jen Ings of Metro Detroit Blues. Here are the results:

CITYZENDuck: How did Metro Detroit Blues get started?

Jen Ings: My mum (Linda) and I (Jen) were City fans and once we found out that Supporters Clubs existed in the US, we tried to find one that was local to us. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one in our area. So I reached out to City to find out how to start one and got another of my friends involved. Then in order to have enough members to officially form an OSC, we drafted our respective spouses to join us (even though they didn’t initially like soccer).

CD: What is the best thing about being a member of your club?

JI: Our inclusivity and diversity. No matter who you are, everyone is welcome! We want our members to feel free (and safe) to be their authentic selves in our little part of the City family.

CD: What is your favorite memory your club has made together?

JI: Definitely going to Green Bay this year for the City / FC Bayern match! There were so many events for OSC members to participate in such as attending training and then meeting the team after, the various parties, hanging out with other OSC members, and getting to see Haaland’s first City match and goal. The rain delays and evacuations were… interesting and chaotic. But the entire weekend was a blast!

CD: Where can City fans find you on matchday?

JI: The Royal Oak Brewery, 215 East 4th Street, Royal Oak, MI 48067.

Find your local Manchester City Official Supporters Club, and meet up with some fellow Blues for the next match. You’ll never have a better time watching City outside of the Etihad.

Thanks again to Jen for taking the time to speak with us. You can follow the club on Twitter @MCFC_Detroit. If you’re near Detroit on match day, be sure to stop by The Royal Oak Brewery and cheer on Manchester City with the Metro Detroit Blues. I plan on hanging out with Jen, Linda, and MDB for the Brighton match on 22 October. Hope to see you there.