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Vicky Losada on Leicester Win: “We needed that,”

A positive outlook after a great win.

Manchester City v Real Madrid - UEFA Women’s Champions League Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images,

A confidence boosting win after Manchester City took care of business vs Leicester City. With Losada in and now contributing she spoke about the great win and how much it meant as City look to contend for the FAWSL title this season as well as how she is helping the new Spaniards on the team.

Let’s check her comments-

“We needed that,”

“We knew it was our first game at home and an opportunity to get our first points. It was an important moment for us and we’re happy because of this.”

“I think I’ve been a massive help for them because it’s a new language. Leila her English is improving, Laia her English is better but she’s a bit shy.

“They have brought a lot of positivity and quality to the team and an understanding of the game. They’re still in a process of adapting but they’re doing really well.”

Good comments as the club look to compete on all fronts this season.