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Theo Hernandez Continues to be linked to Manchester City

A fullback could come soon.

Venezia FC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Manchester City are have reported to have spoken and made proposals to Theo and his agent for a deal this summer.

The defender has been able to resist offers and more from a host of interested clubs, as he wants to stay at AC Milan all as chief Paolo Maldini is talking about extending his stay at the Serie A club.

A complicated deal and row. It seems to me it will not get done. More likely is the arrival of a pedigreed striker and a younger fullback like Abner Vinicius from Brazil.

That seems more fair. City would be wise to spend the money on a striker and not a fullback even with Pep’s penchant for them.

Hernandez while solid, would not merit the money needed for him especially as Milan are adamant about keeping him. Which good for Milan, keeping their better players is what they should do.

Alas, this deal is in the lower end of probability of getting done.