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Twilight Zone? Antonio Rudiger Linked to Mancheester City

A possible shock deal in the works?

Chelsea v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

The latest reports from Di Marzio, reputed footy reported, have Antonio Rudiger as being in talks with Juventus, Manchester City, Tottenham and PSG. It is ‘difficult’ for the centre-back to sign a new contract at Chelsea, and he will join one of the four named teams.

A quite shocking link as many City fans remember him from nearly incapacitating Kevin De Bruyne in the UCL final. This deal does not smell right. Rudiger will no doubt command a huge contract so this paired with City already having four pretty great center backs and it just feels like its an agent ploy to ramp up interest.

In the new age market, there is very few cubs who could afford his wages and for my money it seems Real Madrid are not only in financial capacity to sign him, but would make the most sense considering their options. A la David Alaba, Madrid could use him a whole lot more than City.

We’ll have to wait and see however i see the probability of this at less than 5%.