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Fullback FC: Manchester City Linked with Theo Hernandez

Another link to a fullback.

Theo Hernandez of AC Milan gestures during the Serie A... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Manchester City have been linked to another fullback this time in Italy. Theo Hernandez is the name and a pretty good player. Just this week he was given an opportunity with the French national team and has played well for AC Milan.

Links in Italy and in England have confirmed that the value of the player is at £68M by AC Milan. A fairly high valuation.

City would not pay that much and could look to knock off some of that with player swap or other machinations.

This one seems unlikely to me, City had allegedly a chance at Nuno Mendes for a modest price and chose not to so this seems far fetched to me. That is a high fee and of he plays well for Milan and they contend in Serie A and UCL we could see that fee rise substantially.

We’ll see if it amounts to anything soon.