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Manchester City 0-0 Southampton: Reaction & Tweets

A tough draw at home for City.

Manchester City v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

A disappointing match at home. No chances created and lack of energy was the take away from this match.

City played below standard and now face a tough stretch where the next three matches include PSG and Chelsea.

Draw at home and we move, on to the reaction-

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“Today we didn’t have the freshness in our mind,”

“I wouldn’t say in our legs, in our mind. It is a pity.

“They had four or five chances and didn’t shoot much. We were there and could not be more clinical in the final third.

“It has to happen from behind and behind was not good.”

“Today we didn’t win not because we don’t have a centre-forward,” he explained at his post-match press conference.

“We didn’t win because the process to build up, to create, to give better balls to the players up front was not good.

“When it is good, you can run, you arrive in better positions. Of course, we had just one shot on target, but there were four or five blocked in the six-yard box, so we were there.

“That is not the reason [we didn’t win]. The reason is because we didn’t do the process for our back four and Fernandinho.

“The five guys who have to bring the ball to the other players was not good today.”

“There are many ways to score a goal,” he added. “You can be set back and counter-attack or you can be direct.

“Our process is the goalkeeper passes to the central defenders, the central defenders pass to the full-backs, they pass to the holding midfielders, the attacking midfielders pass the ball to the wingers.

“In that process, we travel, we fly, we live all together to make the transition. This is our way.

“This process from the beginning was not perfectly what we wanted. It was difficult sometimes because the opponent was good. They defended well.

“Sometimes it is difficult and the opponent is involved in that. We cannot forget that. Sometimes we need more time to train, to practice. Today was like this.

“We struggled for the first 15 minutes in each half, but in the last 30 minutes we were better.”

This is why the fans and pundits were pounding the door to sign a center forward and nothing was done. Pep will need to adjust and make with what he has which is still strong.

Notable Tweets